French driving license for sale

French driving license for sale

Are you a driver in France? Do you need real French driving license for sale? Order any drivers license class from us and drive with no fear.

France is one of those countries in the world who accepts foreigners to drive in their country with their foreign drivers license. In addition, France has a lot of agreements and allows people to exchange their foreign license for a French license.

French driving license for sale

Naturally, the French drivers license is in circulation by the government of France to their citizens. This is so they can circulate freely on public roads with any automobile. However, before you get a drivers license in France you will need to go to a driving school and also take the driving exam and pass.

French driving license for sale

You will need to get the registration from Cerfa 14866*01 and this proofs your identity and residency permit. You will also need to present a medical certificate that confirm you are fit to drive. In addition, you will need two recent passport sized photos and also some envelopes which you will have to address.

The driving test comprises of a theory exam (the French Highway Code – Code de la Route – is available from bookshops) and a practical test. Firstly, you will need to pass the thorty test. Afterwards, you will have five attemps over three years to pass the practical test. The test involves 25 minutes of driving in under normal traffic conditions.

In addition, you will find out the result of the test within 48 hours. From us here at legit documents, you will not need to stress to go for any driving exams or tests. All you need to do is come to us and place an order for your driving license.

We will provide you any drivers license category or class which you can use to operate any automobile on public roads in France without fear of anyone arresting you. So click on the button below to place your order.

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