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HIGH QUALITY DOCUMENTS FOR SALE from the best document providers in the world. Here at legit documents, we produce two types of documents which we want to explain to you. First of all, we produce the legit documents. This is database registered. All information including biometrics will fully be registered in the system. Hence, you can use this document for the purpose of its creation without any fears. Its fully original and also very safe to use. Secondly, we produce the novelty documents. This you will have to use for camouflage reasons only. This is so because no information on it will be registered in the system hence not safe for you to use in public. Use for camouflage reasons only. However, for those who wish to order a novelty document, we hence advice you to use it for camouflage reasons only. The fastest way to go to jail is to use a novelty document. That been said, we hence advice all of you to place your order for legit documents only. This is so because they are authentic, database registered and safe for you to use anytime.

Buy Novelty Documents Online

Below, we have taken the time to provide answers to most of the frequently asked questions from our top clients in the past. For this reason alone, we hence advice all of you to kindly go through these question as it has answers and we do not just believe but know it will help solve some of the questions you have for us. 

How do order from you?

This is very easy. You can either visit our place an order page, WhatsApp us, write us on the online chat or email us. Which ever means you choose just be sure you will get a response from us.

How long does it take to produce a document?

Normally, it takers us two working days for production, another day for registration and delivery. Hence 4 working days max you will get your document. However, if you order a novelty document you will get it the next day.

Do I pay before getting my document?

The answer is no and yes. No because you do not pay completely as in the entire amount of money for production and yes because you pay 30% upfront for processing and purchasing of material. After production, you will then pay the rest 70% then we will deliver your document to you safely.

Where do you deliver the document?

This answer is so easy. after production, the client must provide us a delivery address. It can be a house address, office address, etc. Just be sure we will deliver the document directly to the address you provide

How do i know your document is authentic?

Very simple, for certificates, you can check and confirm the authenticity on the website. Nevertheless, for documents such as passport, drivers license etc, you will receive a verification diskette from us likewise gov website where you can check and confirm the authenticity of your documents.

Which Payment methods do you accept?

Mainly, we accept bitcoins. But we additionally accept bank account once payment is above 3000$ and also wire transfer, Zelle, CashApp etc.
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