Buy green card online

Buy green card online

Seeking to be a permanent resident in the USA? Do you want to live and work in America without any problems? Buy green card online from us.

Buy green card online

The green card happens to be a permanent residence card which the USA provides to foreigners permitting them to live and work permanently in the USA. This hence makes it very powerful a document for anyone especially foreigners to acquire.

For you to get a green card, you will need to live in the USA for a period of time. This will also mean no criminal records all through. However, getting a green card in the USA depends on your individual situation.

This means that someone who passes through the boarders of the USA like that of Mexico and USA, will find is very hard to get the green card than someone who won the DV lottery. This is so because people who won the lottery get their green cards rapidly. It is also because the government expects them.

Buy green card online

As a green card holder you can live and work in the United states of America and also enjoy most of the benefits an American citizen will benefit from. However, having a green card does not mean you are an American citizen. Moreover, green card have no rights to vote.

Buy green card online

Furthermore, the is a huge difference between a green card and a visa. The green card happens to be obtained after traveling whereas the visa must be in possession before you travel to the united states of America.

What we do

At legit documents, we provide legit database registered green cards which anyone can use to live and also work in the United States of America without any problems at all. From us, the only thing you need to do is place an order.

Nevertheless, you can send us a message by clicking on the link below. In addition, you will be able to place an order by sending us a message directly on WhatsApp and also sending us an email.

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