Buy residence permit card

Buy residence permit card

Live and work abroad. Buy residence permit card online for any country worldwide. We get you authentic database register residence permit.

Buy residence permit card

What is a residence permit card? This is an official document issue by the government of a country allowing a foreigner to completely reside in their country for a period of time or forever. The government issues this to individuals who meet some eligible points such as study reason, employment and also family ties.

It permits the holder to stay in the country for a given period and also has some benefits and restrictions. Some of the different types of residence permits we will list below so you know which one suits your demands:

  1. Work Permit or Employment Visa : Individuals who have a job offer or an employment contract in the host country will get this exact residence permit card.
  2. Family Reunification Permit : Issued to family members such as children, spouses, parents etc. This is in request by the resident or citizen of the host country.
  3. Student visa : Student who enroll in educational institutions within the host country get this type of resident permit for students which is temporal.
  4. Investor Visa : This is fully granted to individuals who can make a significant investment in the host country. These investments happen to always be a huge contibution to the economy.
  5. Permanent Residence Permit : Most importantly, the happens to therefore be the Permanent Residence permit. This allows foreigners to live in the host country on a long term or a permanent basis and this is normally after they meet residency requirements.

Buy residence permit card

The requirements and processes for getting a residence permit differ from one country to another. All applicants generally need to submit an application. In addition, they also need to provide supporting documents which may need to undergo background check or interviews.

We want to stress on the point that residence permits are far different from visa. This is so because is for the holder to live in a country for a period of time or forever but the visa is the only permit that gives you the right to leave your country into another country.

Buy residence permit card

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