Fake ID Cards for sale

Fake ID Cards for sale

We welcome you all to legit documents. Without any doubt you can get Fake ID Cards for sale and also 100% original ones. Just keep reading.

Fake ID Cards for sale

We welcome you all to the best document production company in the world. From us you will be able to get the best quality of legit documents and also novelty documents. Nevertheless, our services includes passports for sale, drivers license for sale, NCLEX license for sale, school diplomas for sale, IELTS Certificates for sale etc.

You will be able to get two types of ID Cards from us inclusively the real ID card and also the Fake ID Card. All these IDs happen to be in production by competent ID experts and registered by government officials whom we pay.


An identity card most at times known as an ID card happens to be an official document that serves as proof of identification for someone. It includes personal data which includes details of the individual such as their full names, photograph, signature, date of birth. In many countries it includes registering your finger prints in the database.

Identity cards happen to be in issue by government authorities and use for different reasons which includes identification on official transaction and also access to many services. The main aim of an Identity card is for provision o a reliable way to verify an individuals identity. It also helps to avoid identification theft, unauthorized services and also fraud.

Some of the main types of Identity cards includes national ID cards, Drivers licenses, Resident permit IDs, Social Security cards, school IDs professional IDs etc.

To be eligible to get an ID of any type, you’ll need to be eligible. Additionally, if you want to get a national ID card you have to be a citizen of the country. For those of you who want a company ID you will need to be a worker of the company. If you need a school ID you have to be a student of the school.

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The real Identity cards we produce are fully authentic and database registered. We register all the information on your Identity card in the system of the country. In addition, your identity card contains secret features purely detectable by UV Scanners.

We produce legit School Identity cards for sale, 100% real national identity cards for sale, professional and company identity cards for sale etc. These IDs happen to have full registration in the system hence very safe for you to use without any worries.

Fake ID Cards for sale

Fake ID Cards for sale


On the other hand, we also produce Novelty or Fake ID cards for sale. They look authentic and also have all information fully registered in the system. However, you will not be able to use this ID in places that contain or have data reading machines. This is so because when scanned no information on you ID will be registered in the system.

As a result we do advice all of you out there to use the fake IDs only for camouflage reasons only. In this vain make sure you never use this ID in places that have data reading machines or UV scanners. If not you will go to jail.

Basically, we produce all national IDs for sale, company IDs for sale, School IDs for sale etc. All you need to do is place your order from us and in less than 3 working days you will get your real or novelty ID delivered to your address.


From us here at legit documents, the only thing you need to do is place your order. To do so is very simple quite honestly. All you need to do is go to our website and place your order. You can also send us a message directly via email or WhatsApp.

It does not matter the means you use to place your order from us. Just be certain in a maximum of three working days you’ll be able to get your fake and real ID cards from us. So place your order now by clicking below.

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