Genuine green cards for sale

Genuine green cards for sale

Do you need Genuine green cards for sale? Order from us now and we will make you a permanent resident in the USA today. Just order now.

Genuine green cards for sale

Do you want to live and work permanently in the USA? Find yourself among those who want a permanent residency in the USA? You will need a green card to live and stay in the USA as a permanent resident.

The green card is the only document in the USA that grants foreigners the rights to live permanently in the USA and also work without any worries. To get a green card from the officials, you will need a minimum of 30 months in the USA within the last five years.

Normally, a foreigner will need to live in the USA for about five years and above before being eligible for acquiring their green card. It can be less depending on the conduct. Mostly, the green cards does not contain no expiring date, most are valid for ten years.

For those who have been granted conditional permanent resident status, their card will be valid for 2 years. It is very important to keep your card updated.

Why go through all the stress of following protocols and living in the USA for a long time? No no non!! the is no need for you to stress in this vain. However, all you need to do is place your order from us. Therefore, in less than four working days, we will issue your legit green card to you.

Genuine green cards for sale

As a foreigner who wishes tp live and stay in the USA permanently, you will need to sacrifices your family back home and forget them for a while because if you leave the USA without your green cards then you’ll be unable to enter.

From us here at legit documents, you can order for a real green card and get it in three working days. 100% authentic and very safe to use. Just click on the button below to place your order.

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