Real green card for sale

Real green card for sale

For those of you who want to get permanent residency in the USA, here id your chance. Get your original Real green card for sale from us.

Real green card for sale

Basically, the green card happens to be a documents which the government of the USA issue mostly to foreigners giving them rights to live and work in the USA and hence begin the process to become a citizen of the USA.

One of the fastest ways to have a green card is for your relatives to petition. This way, they can get your to acquire a permanent residency in the USA. Another good way for you to get a green card is also to play the DV lottery and win.

Furthermore, you can get your authentic green card by simply ordering from us. With our connections, expertise and connections, we strive to give you the best legit green cards for sale which are fully verifiable in the system and very safe for you to use.

Real green card for sale

Normally, it takes a period of about two years for a green card to be available and a total of 3 years to get a permanent residency status. In some cases, it can take longer such as for citizens of Mexico, China, the Philippines. This is so because they have many green card applicants annually.

From us, it will take just a duration of four working days to make you a permanent resident in America. With our team of experienced IT experts and also wide connection, we strive to give you the best. So place your orders from us now.

All you need to do to order your green card from us is either to visit our website and head to the place an order page or send us an email. You can also send us a direct message on WhatsApp.

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